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Pink Sugar


There are no mistakes in beauty.  Just experimenting and revealing the uniqueness of your inner self.

Giving that Lady the right beauty, allows her to feel that she can conquer the world. 


Beauty developed years ago.  I was a very young girl and all that I wanted was to make someone beautiful.  (I actually work on live models as a girl) That enthusiasm allowed me to become a cosmetologist over 35 yrs ago.  Later became a Master Educator with a Ph.D. in cosmetology.   This profession has many opportunities. 
Prittylady was produced during the years that I was enjoying and creating the uniqueness of beauty with my clients.   I started out in hair for years.  Brows and Lashes are my main focus right now.    I have no regret in this career, it only gets better.  You can never have too many lashes

Pink Sugar

Appointment Cancellation Policy

Please reschedule 8-12 hours before your appointment.  Less than 8 hours before could be subject to a cancellation fee. Clients that are more than 15 minutes should call or text 214 554 5955 to be notified whether to reschedule or not. All no-shows will be charged the full price of service non-refundable All services are final

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