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About Prittylady

My Narrative 

I am very passionate about the industry as an educator and a stylist.  I am a State Board Certified Master Educator, I've been in and a cosmetologist for over 35 years. I love embracing new techniques that can present a new stunning look from head to toe.  I love opening the doors to new possibilities when it comes to that overall look.

There is nothing more critical to me than your well-being when you visit my Suite.    This is why I uphold the utmost standards in this Beauty Industry.  All questions are welcome, and I will address your matters concisely and receptively.  If needed, I will provide resources with your protection in mind.

When striving to meet the need of each client. I take pride in sanitation.  I'm obligated to ensure and serve each client for their needs.  (Brows, Lashes, make-up, or hair.)

Whether or not the client is a candidate for the procedures there is a comfort zone that can only be acquired through patience and experience when consulting with new clients. 

At the end of the day, I love challenges in every aspect of being a beauty artist.  always taken into consideration and practicing my skills for excellence.


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Dr. T Simmons



Dr. T Simmons

Hair Stylist


Dr. T S immons

Brow/Lash Artist

Midway Location